Manufacturers of Fine Appalachian Hardwood Lumber

Professional Forestland Management and Consulting Services

Our History

Since the early 1940's, three generations have now dedicated their careers, and in large part their families lives, to understanding Ohio's natural history and forest resources.  Today, we proudly employ more than 150 Ohioans in four modern sawmills and manufacture and process over 50 million board feet of hardwood lumber annually.  We look forward to sharing more of our story as the website is further developed.  


Cants, Pallet Stock, Hardwood Bark, Chips and Sawdust

Veneer and Export Grade Sawlogs

4/4 - 16/4 Green, Shipping Dry and  Kiln Dried Grade Lumber


Timberland and Wildlife Management  Plans

Timber Appraisal and Purchases

Species: Red Oak - White Oak - Poplar - Ash - Hickory - Hard Maple - Soft Maple - Cherry - Walnut

FSC® - Chain of Custody Certified - FSC® CO81719